Benefits of Better Water
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Benefits of Better Water

Why you'll love your new drinking water system

Cooking with Pure Water
You always want to use the best ingredients when you’re cooking. And, as you know, water plays a large part in the preparation of many meals. So, while you would certainly elect to use chemical free, clean water for cooking if you had the choice, you’d probably consider it a waste to use bottled water.

But with a water system, you get the purity of bottled water without all the expense, so you’ll happily use high quality water when cooking all of your meals.  Bon appétit!

Your Pets Will Love It
Do you think your cat or dog have a better sense of smell than you? You know they do! So, what do you think chlorinated tap water smells like to them? Sure, your dog will eat dog food, but she prefers your steak. Your pets will feel the same way about purified drinking water. They’re smart enough to know what’s better, and you want the best for them.

Your Baby’s Formula
Using bottled water is expensive and inconvenient. With a home water system, you’ll know you'll always have inexpensive, clean, chemical free water on hand for your baby's formula. Anecdotal evidence suggests that babies have fewer digestive issues when using purified water. And, once your babies get a little older, you’ll feel better knowing you’re giving them clean, chemical free water in their sippy cups.

Ice Cubes
Clean, clear ice cubes. Need we say more? Your water system can feed right into your refrigerator. Your ice cubes will look and taste great.

Healthy House Plants
Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you know it’s not helpful to pour chlorine on your house plants. Give them clean, chemical free water and watch them thrive! (Of course, don’t forget the fertilizer.)

Why you’ll love your new water softener

Soft skin and hair. Spotless dishes and laundry. No build up in your shower and sink. Sound nice? Of course! The right water softener system will remove the impurities causing the “stickiness” in your water that lead to the unwanted build up on your hair, sink – everywhere. We’re oversimplifying the sophistication of our systems here, but there's nothing complicated about the result. You’ll love it!