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“Thank you folks, for the wonderful service and your outstanding products. We have been blessed.”
– Charlene Cortese
Rhinebeck, NY
“I wish I had found your company 17 years ago… Thank you for your professionalism and expertise.”
– Gerald Kline
Middletown, NY
“You guys are the greatest and you run one of the finest companies I’ve ever dealt with… Your service, your system and your people are absolutely the finest.”
– Pat Farley
Trouble Free Solutions for Your Water Problems

water testing & water treatment services in NY
Owned and operated locally since 1987, at Hudson Valley Water Resources, we firmly believe in customer education and satisfaction. We will provide you with all necessary information to properly treat your water problem. You can familiarize yourself with the most common water problems in our area right here on our Problem Water page.

We are members of the National Water Quality Association, with our experienced service and technical staff holding many of their certifications.  Our technical staff regularly designs systems for restaurants and other public water supplies to comply with Board of Health specifications. We are responsible for effectively treating many of the area’s worst contaminated wells, with national recognition for our work on the East Coast’s highest sulphur-tainted well.

Our fully equipped vans service Dutchess, Ulster and Orange counties in NY, providing 24 Hour Emergency Service and we Guarantee Trouble Free Service to make your life easier.  Give us a call.  We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Disinfection Systems
water disinfection systems
Our system addresses iron, iron bacteria and other contaminants
Water Testing
water testing services
At any time well water can become contaminated without your knowledge.
Water Conditioners
water conditioners
Hard water is caused by excessive levels of calcium and/or magnesium
Water Filters
water filters
Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration and Activated Carbon Water Filtration
Technical Information
Technical information on the various filter media can be found here
Problem Water
water problems
A summary of the most common problems in residential water
Chemical Contamination
Detailed information on the EPA national drinking water standards