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Water Testing Services

water testing services in NY There are many reasons to have your water tested.  Whether you are selling or buying a home with well water, or you simply want to ensure the quality and safety of your well water, Hudson Valley Water Resources will provide the professional water testing services you need.

If you are a home owner within 40 miles of New Paltz, NY, you can request a free in-home water test from us.

At any time, private well water can become contaminated without your knowledge. Some common causes include agricultural and lawn chemicals, a breach in a septic or well system, livestock waste, and other naturally occurring elements.  Water testing ensures you have a continued supply of clean, safe water. Our test results will reveal if any contaminants exist, their type, and contaminant levels along with current state-accepted levels.

What should you have your water tested for?  That depends.  If you have not had your water tested in the last 5 years, we recommend a complete well test, which includes testing your water for:

  1. Coliform Bacteria
  2. Nitrate
  3. pH Level
  4. Iron
  5. Lead
  6. Manganese
  7. Copper
  8. Hardness
  9. Arsenic
  10. Sulfate
  11. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

We can also provide more basic water testing services recommended by most water quality organizations on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Remember, if you have a private well, no one is ensuring the quality of your water but you.  We’ll help test your water and provide professional water treatment services for any problems that might exist.

Contact us for a free phone consultation or request a complimentary in-home water test!